Parent Helpers Needed for Thursday 19th December!

Hello P3 parents,

I’ve arranged a class trip to the Loanhead Library next Thursday, where the library staff will read a story to the class and they’ll get a chance to browse the book selection. We need two parent helpers for the trip due to class numbers, so this is my plea for any volunteers! We will leave school at 10:15am and return for 11:15am. If you are interested, could you please let me know at as soon as possible? It will be the first two to respond to me that we’ll take along.

Thanks a lot,

Mr McGaff

Primary 3’s Winter Revision Homework

Hello everyone,

For P3’s homework this week, I have decided against standard reading and spelling homework. Instead, I have created a revision sheet that covers a few things we have done in 2019. This homework is entirely optional, but it should be a nice way to refresh your child’s memory before we break up for the winter break. Feel free to answer questions on the back of the sheet or on a separate piece of paper, and let me know if you have enjoyed the format and I can prepare something similar for next week! 🙂

Thanks a lot,

Mr McGaff

This Week’s Homework (due Friday 6th December)

Hello everyone,

I have decided to stop setting spelling homework for the rest of the term, as the intensity of work in class will be reducing over the next three weeks. However, if you do wish to practice spelling with your child, I would recommend practicing the /ai/ pattern with them:

  1. next
  2. quit
  3. make
  4. pay
  5. main
  6. clay
  7. waist
  8. rainstorm
  9. half
  10. quarter

For reading, could you try and read half of the book for Wednesday, and finish books for Friday and return them that day. I will make a decision closer to the weekend about whether I think we have the energy to continue reading homework next week!

Thanks a lot,

Mr McGaff

This Week’s Homework (due Friday 29th November)

Hello everyone,

With December fast approaching, could I please ask that all Dunedin Consort forms are returned to the school as soon as possible, even if your choice is for your child not to attend. The team behind it have been working incredibly hard and have entertained us with their fantastic ability so far!

This week’s spelling pattern is ch (‘k’ sound). The words are as follows:

  1. buzz
  2. fizz
  3. echo
  4. choir
  5. chemist
  6. stomach
  7. Christmas
  8. character
  9. November
  10. December

Your child should have their new reading book home with them today. Could they please read half their book for Wednesday and finish them so they can be returned Friday.

Thanks a lot!

Mr McGaff

This Week’s Homework (Due Friday 22nd November)

Good morning,

Primary 3’s spelling pattern this week is the ‘air‘ sound. The words are as follows:

  1. cliff
  2. off
  3. air
  4. hair
  5. pair
  6. stair
  7. chair
  8. hairbrush
  9. September
  10. October

For reading homework, could you please read half of your child’s book for Wednesday, and finish off the book for Friday. Could I also ask that you make sure your child’s reading record and spelling jotter are in school on Friday as I try to get all homework prepared over the weekend for Monday morning.

Some children have been sharing fantastic examples of fractions they have explored with their families at home, so keep it up!

Best wishes,

Mr McGaff 🙂

Christmas Fair Friday 29th November HELP NEEDED

Christmas Fair Friday 29th November 12.30pm – 2pm

This is our main school fundraiser and your support is greatly appreciated.

Donations Appeal – We are looking for toys in good condition, unwanted gifts, bottles for the bottle tombola and chocolate for the chocolate tombola. On the day and days leading up to this we will also be collecting your delicious home baking!

School catchment review

Dear parents and carers,

Two S1 pupils from Beeslack and Penicuik High, Hannah and Emily, visited Newbattle Community High School recently to speak to S6 pupils, Craig and Erin, about the world-class learning environment and its Digital Centre of Excellence. It has been captured  on film to give you more information about plans for education in the Penicuik and surrounding areas. Proposals include a replacement for Beeslack built along the A701 corridor with a Centre of Excellence in STEM subjects and a potential refurbishment of Penicuik High.

•         Watch the video<>

Please remember to come to one of two drop-in sessions about the plans. These are on:

•         Tuesday 12 November:  1pm – 7pm at Penicuik Library in the Penicuik Centre.

•         Thursday 14 November: 1pm – 7pm Loanhead Library in the Loanhead Centre

For more information email:


This week’s homework (due Friday 15th November)

Hello everyone!

This week’s homework will be the same as usual, however from now on I will be posting the spelling lists here just in case they don’t make it home in one piece:


  1. thin
  2. thick
  3. touch
  4. young
  5. double
  6. trouble
  7. country
  8. nourish
  9. July
  10. August

Reading homework should be in your child’s reading record, and this is just half their book for Wednesday and full book for Friday.

We have started fractions work in class, and if you wish to practice the concept of fractions with your child feel free to point out real life examples of fractions to them as this will help them make connections in class.

Best wishes,

Mr McGaff