P2 Homework and Events W/B 29.2.16 **please see amended post!


World Book Day is on Thursday 3rd March and we will be celebrating by participating in reading activities such as…

  • Extreme reading! – Pupils to bring in a book (or books) of their choice to stop and read at any point of the day, when the ‘extreme reading bell’ rings!
  • Dressing up as a favourite book character on Thursday** Sorry, meant FRIDAY!!!! Miss B!
  • Designing book covers
  • Talking about our favourite books to the class
  • School Library on Friday ( remember to return current books please)

Homework this week:

Spelling/Handwriting focus is ‘ow’ as in now, cow etc…

Reading – ongoing – check green folders daily for updates

Numeracy – a ‘Numeracy Round Up’ sheet should be sent home on Monday 29.2.16. One week to complete this please.

– A new Sumdog challenge has been set – ” P2 Mega Mash-up Maths Challenge W/B 29.2.16 ” – this tests a variety of maths and numeracy covered so far.

Topic– just a reminder that we are looking at types of energy and electricity over the next week or so.

P2 Homework W/B 22.2.16

Events this week:

Tuesday – Parents ‘Drop In’ from 3:30 to 5:30pm. Pop in, with your child, to see his/her work, visit the classroom and have a quick chat with me, if you wish.

Thursday and Friday – PE as usual. Can you please check your child’s footwear for PE (for good fit and wear and tear). Thanks.

Homework: Remember, some children are given their homework for the week on a Monday, some on Tuesdays.

  • Reading – Check green homework bags for books, updates etc.
  • Spelling/Handwriting – this week, the sound focus is ‘ou’ as in ‘our’ and ‘out’.
  • New topic – Energy and Electricity ( no homework, this is just for your information)

Thank you,

Miss Brunt


P2 Celebrate Chinese New Year 2016


In the week beginning the 8th February, P2 had immense fun finding out about Chinese New Year and experiencing some of the traditional celebrations. A massive thanks to Wei for coming in and giving the children such a rich learning experience. Safe to say they loved every minute!!


Children beginning to make a large poster of the Chinese Zodiac.


Finding out where China is on a world map.


Making red lanterns.

WP_005359 WP_005360 WP_005361

Adding the Chinese symbol for ‘Nian’ onto the Zodiac poster.


Cookery demonstration – how to make dumplings.


Chopstick race! Who would be first to pick up ten lids and place into a cup? This little boy was very fast!


Practising ‘Nian’ on tea-stained ‘parchment’.

WP_005370 WP_005372

P2 make dumplings.


These were absolutely delicious and went like hot….dumplings! Not one left!


The finished display.


P2 Homework W/B 8.2.16



year of the monkey

We will be learning about Chinese New Year this week. One of our parents, Wei, has kindly offered to come in over a few afternoons and has organised some fun and informative activities for the children. Wei has already been into school  and has told the children all about the story behind Chinese New Year. The class then made a large Chinese Zodiac display.

So, this coming week, children will be making lanterns, learning to write some Chinese characters, helping to decorate the class, making dragons and also making, cooking and tasting pork dumplings.

Thank you Wei!

Other events  this week:

Tuesday – drumming

Thursday and FridayPE as usual.

Homework this week:

Reading – we will continue with our ORT books but there will also be an additional ‘Reading for Information’ task sent home. This is a sheet about the ‘Year of the Monkey‘. Please assist your child as necessary.

Spelling/handwriting – this week the sound focus is ‘ew‘.

Numeracy – Two tasks to try!

  1. Sumdog Challenge – ‘P2 Round Up Challenge’ This covers a variety of themes covered so far. 100 points to collect.
  2. Chinese Dragon Maths Game‘ – search for ‘Top Marks Chinese New Year‘ online. Scroll down to the box titled ‘Chinese New Year Activities’. At the top, you should see the dragon game. Have a play with sequencing and ordering. Choose a level you feel confident with. This site has lots of other exciting ideas on it if you are interested in finding out more about the Chinese New Year.

**Remember that school breaks up for ‘The February Week’ this Friday and collect children at 12:15pm on Friday as normal. **

Thanks in advance,

Miss Brunt

P2 Homework W/B 1.2.16

Homework this week-

Spelling/Handwriting – the focus sound is ‘ow’ as in snow, show, throw etc.

Reading – New books when appropriate- see post-it notes in books for homework reading practice. Thanks to all who practised their poems last week.

  • Breaking news….P2 are going to have the opportunity to write a new ‘Biff and Chip’ story for a competition to celebrate 30 years of the Oxford Reading Tree.

Numeracy– Just a ‘Sumdog’ challenge this week, ‘P2 add and subtract’. I have reduced the number of questions for each challenge recently and the participation rate from pupils has since soared! Thanks to all who have taken part.

Events this week:

Thursday and FridayPE

Friday – Library

More breaking news…P2 will draw pictures to decorate our local Loanhead library which is holding a ‘Love Your Library’ day this Saturday, 6th February.

Towards the end of this week, we are going to start learning about ‘Chinese New Year’. Next week, one of our parents has very kindly offered to come in to do various activities with the class, over a few days,  to celebrate Chinese New Year. One of the activities will be to make and cook traditional Chinese pork dumplings and the children can try to use chopsticks. Please let me know if your child should not try one of these dumplings.

Thanks in advance,

Miss Brunt





P2 Homework W/B 25.1.16

Scottish Week is here! This week, we will be reading about Katie Morag, reading, writing and learning short Scottish poems, learning some Scots vocabulary and songs, finding out a wee bit about Edinburgh Castle and trying some Scottish Country Dancing in PE.


Tuesday – Drumming on a ‘cajon’ box ( pronounced ca-hon)

cajon drum

Thursday and FridayPE as usual

Homework: Given out Monday or Tuesday as normal

Reading – all pupils will get a new book this week and a Scots poem home to read. Thanks to all who completed the reading task about Tim Peake last week. We will continue to talk about the ISS this week and maybe even ‘tweet’ Tim some of our work!

Spelling/Handwriting -the focus sound is igh. There are not many igh words on the handwriting sheet so we will work on more igh words in class.

Numeracy: an addition sheet will be sent home. Strategies to try are:

  • Count on from the biggest number first so with 4+8, try 8+4 instead. Use a number line or even fingers if needed!
  • Use ‘Learn its’ knowledge to answer sums eg. 6+7 is the same as        6 + 6 + 1

Sumdog Challenge: this week is a P2 Fractions Challenge. I’ve limited the target to just 30 questions. I will go over this task in class as the questions may prove challenging! Still, with our ‘have a go’ attitude, we can encourage the children to participate and hopefully learn lots more about the concept of fractions.

Thanks for your support,

Miss Brunt



P2 Homework W/B 18.1.16


This week, we will do a mini-topic about Tim Peake on the ISS and his historic spacewalk. Can you hand in any small junk ( boxes, tubes etc) so that we can build our own mini space station? Preferably Monday/Tuesday for this please.


Reading homework: Everyone will get a reading comprehension task related to Tim’s spacewalk, with questions to answer. Check green homework bags.

For extra reading practice, check out Newsround on the CBBC website for updates on Tim’s progress. I am also hoping to link in to his Twitter feed in class.

Spelling: The focus sound this week is ea. A cursive handwriting sheet with ea words on will be sent home.

Maths: We are doing some information handling this week so I have set another challenge on Sumdog, this time to do with graphs. Starts Monday morning. Only 25 questions to answer this time.

Events this week:

Thursday and Friday PE

Thanks for your support,

Miss Brunt