P2 Homework W/B 30.10.17

Homework this week

Spelling – List  a- e. Magic ‘e’.  This turns a short sounding vowel into a long sounding vowel. Children will be taught a little memory aid: ” The  e at the end turns the ‘ah’ into an ‘ay’.

Reading – as normal

Maths – In line with the clocks changing, we’ll work on telling the time this week, including o’clock and half past. On Thursday, children will bring home a clock made in school and a short list of times to try and set the clock to.

PE – Wednesday (Athletics) and Thursday (PE with Mrs Duncan)

Hedgehog Rescue!

P2 noticed a poorly hedgehog in the woods, just through the school fence. The hedgehog had some prickles missing on its back and didn’t try to hide. As it was unusual to see a wee hog outside in daylight, we phoned the SSPCA who came to collect it. They took it to Fishcross, a wildlife rescue centre near Alloa. Well done P2!

Library books – just a gentle reminder to return library books when finished with. Thanks.

As ever, thanks for your support,

Ms S Brunt

P2 Homework and Events W/B 23.10.17

Welcome back after the October break. Here’s looking forward to the next nine weeks of this new term. It’s going to be packed full of exciting activities and learning opportunities!

Homework info:

Spelling – I will send home a new 6 week spelling grid on Tuesday. The sound focus this week is ck.

Reading – Reading continues as usual. Please send in your child’s book bag daily.

Numeracy – We will continue to work on ‘doubles and halves’ this week. In particular, children should learn 6 + 6,  7 + 7,  8 + 8,  9 + 9 and 10 + 10.

I have set a Sumdog challenge for those who wish to take part. This is called ‘P2 Half and Double Challenge’. The questions this week, focus on odd/even numbers and halves and doubles. I note that some questions ask 7 x 2 or       3 x 2 which is a format we have not formally used yet but I will go over this in class this week.

Class News

  • This week, we will be welcoming Miss Jeffcott, a teaching student , who will be working with us for five weeks.
  • P2 will begin a block of athletics on Wednesday afternoons and so will require PE kit on Wednesdays and Thursdays (PE with Mrs Duncan). We will also endeavour to build up running fitness on non PE days.
  • Topic– We will start a mini topic on Day/Night which links in very well with clocks changing soon. We will learn about reflective clothing and staying safe when it is dark. We will also read ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’ by Jill Tomlinson and plan activities around this. Not forgetting Halloween and Bonfire Night coming up soon!
  • Halloween Disco ( an evening Parent Council event) Thursday 26th ( I am not entirely sure of times sorry…possibly 18:30 to 19:30 but best double check in school!)

That’s all for now!

Thanks for your support,

Ms S Brunt



P2 Homework W/B 9th October 2017

We have a busy week ahead before breaking up for the October holiday on Friday!

Here is the list for the week:


Spelling – Tricky Words – I will send home a sheet with ‘tricky words’ on it. These are common words that are more difficult to sound out. Please write on the sheet rather than use the red jotter this week.

Reading – continues as normal. Check book bags for updates.

Numeracy – I have set a Sumdog challenge named ‘P2 October 9th 2017 Challenge’. Children will be re-issued with their passwords so they can play at home. This challenge is optional.

Our numeracy just now is all linked to include LearnIts  ( 6+6 ,7+7 , 8+8 , 9+9 and  10+ 10); linked to doubles and halves ( fractions) and odd/even numbers. However, the Sumdog challenge is just a general consolidation of basic number skills within 20.

Harvest Collection – Thanks so much for all the donations so far but more would  be welcome. The children have enjoyed sorting the foods into groups. Last day for donations is Wednesday.

Parents Consultations – A reminder that meetings will take place on Wednesday evening and Thursday after school. Your child was given an appointment slip on Friday.

PEWednesday and Thursday. Children will be reminded to bring their kits home to be washed over the holiday.

Thanks for your support,

Ms S Brunt




P2 Homework W/B 2.10.17


Harvest Celebrationa donations request

P1 and P2 are celebrating the ‘traditional’ harvest theme by thinking about where  food comes from, learning harvest songs and being thoughtful about those in our community who are in need.

Thus, we are asking you to kindly donate food items so that these can be distributed to a local charity. ‘Long life’ foods such as tins, jars, cartons and packets would be most appropriate. Our pupils can then be involved in sorting the foods into groups.

If you are able to donate, can these items be in school by Wednesday 11th October. Many, many thanks in advance!


Spelling – List 6 – ‘ar’

Reading – as normal. Can all pupils please bring their book bags ( with reading books) in daily please.

Numeracy – Please revise the previous 3 weeks numeracy flash cards of add 1,2,3 and subtract 1,2,3.

I hope to get children back using Sumdog this week and so, will send their passwords home. If things are going well, I may set a short challenge for fun but I’ll tell the children about this later in the week.

PE – Wednesday and Thursday

We started training for the Daily Mile last week – we need to build up to it and are now up to four minutes running! So, some way to go but it’s a start.

Photos – If you haven’t already, can you please return either the unwanted school photographs or payments please.

Thanks for your support,

Ms S Brunt


P2 Homework W/B 25.9.17

Hi everyone,

Here is the homework list for the week ahead:

Spelling – List 5 ” qu” . The homework handed in so far shows a lot of hard work taking place at home; thank you and well done!

Reading – Please continue to refer to the post-it notes in each book.

Numeracy – P2 seem to love numeracy ( that’s what they tell me anyway!) This week, we’ll practise +3/-3 and so, on Wednesday, a new sheet of cards for you to cut up and use as flash cards will be sent home.

Each Monday we focus on money ( Money Monday) and so any chance at home for your child to count up pennies is invaluable. ( 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p will suffice just now). Children love to play shops and so this is another way to encourage them. A shop doesn’t have to be anything ‘fancy’ – even just a few empty cartons from your cupboards with prices on ( start with under 10p prices) can give lots of fun practice.

Every Friday we focus on fractions ( Fraction Friday!) Children do find this a tricky concept so am just focussing on halves and quarters and this week, we’ll look at sharing out items equally between 2 and 4 people. Any opportunity you have to reinforce this at home, say in playing games, would be very helpful.

TopicHarvest – a letter will be coming home soon about an appeal for food donations P1 and P2 are going to make.

PE – Wednesday and Thursday. However, our school is gearing up to start The Daily Mile Challenge and so, P2 will soon be getting out and about, building up to walking and running a mile ( most days). This will not happen on PE days. 

Toys– I notice that children keep bringing in toys to school. I would encourage children not to bring any toys in as these can get lost, damaged and can be distracting for the children. I don’t mind children bringing in small toys for Golden Time on a Friday but recently, some toys have been rather large and take up a lot of safe storage space!

Thanks in advance for your support,

Miss S Brunt

P2 Homework W/B Tuesday 19th September

Hi there,

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

Homework this week is as follows:

Spelling – List 4 ‘ng

Reading – check book bags daily for updates. Check ‘post-it’ notes please. Due to the Monday holiday we’ll be one day behind in our normal programme. 

Numeracy – keep practising ‘+1/-1’ cards and new cards ( +2/-2) will be issued on Wednesday. Children should become very familiar with these sums and begin to recall each one with little hesitation.

PE– Wednesday and Thursday

Thanks to all who handed in food labels last week – it was very interesting plotting  where food comes from on a world map.

Thank you,

Miss Brunt


P2 Homework W/B 11.9.17

Hi there,

Just to begin with a reminder that this week is a short week as it ends with the ‘September Weekend’– so  school finishes on Thursday at 3:15pm and resumes on Tuesday 19th September.


Spelling – List 3 ‘th‘ . Everyone is working very hard at home and handing in some great spelling homework- well done! Please try to complete spelling homework by Thursday if possible.

Reading – Please send your child’s reading folder in every day. Please also check the ‘post-it’ note sent home with each book for updates.

Numeracy – On Wednesday, a sheet of sums will be sent home. This has ‘+1 and -1’ sums on it. Please cut this sheet up into individual flash cards and practise with your child so that they become very quick at knowing +1/-1. Also use the language ‘ What is one more/one less than’. If your child has mastered this, ‘up-level’ it by saying ‘Okay, if 4 + 1 =5, what is 14 +1, what is 54 + 1 , what is 94 + 1’ and so on…

Topic– We have been thinking about the current UK harvest but also about where our food comes from. We had Fyffes bananas during the week and watched a video about the production journey these bananas take to get to our shores.

A request…..could you possibly check labels of food products you are using this week and send the labels in with ‘Country of Origin’ on? We can use these labels to plot on our large world map where their food has come from!

PE– Wednesday and Thursday

Afternoon snack – some parents have requested that P2 children have an extra wee snack for the longer afternoons. We do have afternoon fruit from Tuesdays onwards, which we cut into portions and this usually lasts us a couple of days but if you want to send something extra in, please feel free to. I would suggest something like a small packet of raisins, a small piece of fruit or a small biscuit.

Thanks for your continued support,

Miss Brunt




P2 Homework W/B 4.9.17**Updated**

Hi everyone,

Here is the plan for the week ahead.

Photographer will be in school on Wednesday to take pictures of individuals and siblings.

Spelling – Thank you to everyone who completed their homework and handed it in on Friday! An impressive start to P2! Please note that children don’t have to do every written task from Grid B ( unless he/she really wants to!) This week’s sound focus is ch so please study List 2. Jotter work to be handed in on Friday please.

Reading – Every child got a new book last week and we’ll soon find our rhythm with reading days. I’ll try and see/hear each group by the end of Tuesday. Please check book bags daily for updates. I tend to use Post-it notes for this.

Numeracy – I won’t send home any numeracy homework just yet but just for your information we have already been working on:

  • odd/even numbers
  • add and subtract up to 10 and beyond
  • coin recognition to £2 and change from 10p ( We have ‘Money Mondays’)
  • counting up in 2s, 5s and 10s and I note that some still need to practise counting back from 20 in ones.
  • revising halves during ‘Fraction Friday’.
  • problem solving using numbers in real life scenarios.

This week, we’ll keep revising the above and also focus on adding one/taking away one.

Music– children get a music session with Mrs Callaghan every Monday.

PE – will be on Wednesday with Mrs Duncan and on Thursday with myself.

Topic – P1 and P2 hope to collaborate on a Harvest theme soon so information will follow over the next couple of weeks.

That’s all for now,

Thanks for your support,

Miss Brunt