P2 Homework W/B 24.4.17

Homework this week:

Reading– please check homework bags daily for updates. Some children will get new reading issued on Mondays and some on Tuesdays. I will send home a wee note indicating which days  your child will read in class.

I have also asked children to bring in something that they like to read for pleasure as we will begin to have 15-20 mins per day on individual and personal reading.

Spelling – List 28 ‘oy’  unless otherwise indicated)

Numeracy – SUMDOG challenge. P2 Two Times Table challenge. We have begun to explore the 2x table which links in very much with previous numeracy: counting in 2s, doubles, even numbers . We are learning that multiplication is just a quick way to add the same number many times. At this point, we’re keeping it simple so 2×5 means ‘2 lots of 5’ or ‘2 groups of 5’  or 5 + 5  or ‘two fives’. We are not really looking at 5 x 2 or trying to make the connection that 2×5 is the same as 5×2 just yet.  So, 2 x1, 2×2, 2×3, 2×4 and so on. Pupils will be able to access this challenge in school as I realise that not everyone can access this at home.

PE – We’ll resume our Tuesday and Thursday slots for the next two weeks until we get our last two gymnastic sessions in May.

Thank you,

Miss S Brunt

P2 Homework W/B Tuesday 18.4.17

Welcome back after Easter!

We’re looking forward to the final term which will take us right up to the summer break; where has the time gone?

This 11 week term will see us finish up ‘Fairyland’ as a topic – we’ll study the Seashore and Loanhead (Local Study). We’ll have a Health Week in June and lots of other interesting things to do. This term also includes a couple of Monday holidays, the Summer Fair, reports and Parents meetings. So, it is busy, busy, busy!

Homework this week:

Spelling – List 27 ‘oi’ ( unless specified otherwise)

Reading homework – there will be no new book sent home this week. Instead, we will do a ‘book study’ in class. However, please encourage your child to read texts of their choice( book, magazine, comic, annual) or read bedtime stories to/with them.

NumeracyJust for fun! I have created a Sumdog Challenge named ‘Halves and Doubles 18.4.17’. It’s a bit challenging as it covers the 2x table, halves and odd/even numbers but it offers a lot of repetition which the children should get the hang of.

PE– Thursday

That’s all for now,

Miss Brunt





P2 Homework W/B 27.3.17

The final week of term before Easter is here. What a busy week it’s going to be!

Events this week:

Monday – no gymnastics this week but it will continue for two sessions after the Easter break.

Thursday – 2pm – P1/2 will share their learning from work on ‘Fairyland’ to parents. Please arrive through the main reception.

  • Easter Disco (eve)

Friday – Church visit. End of term pick up is at 12:15pm as normal. All pupils resume on Tuesday 18th April.

Homework – please complete reading books already sent home. No new reading will be set. No new spelling this week either as we will revise previous and recent lists in class.

Maths– this week we will look at the ‘language’ of measure in length. For example – long, longer, longest…short, shorter, shortest…short, medium, long …and so on.

Thank you and Happy Easter for when it comes.

Miss Brunt


P2 Homework 20.3.17

Homework this week:

Reading – as normal. Check reading bags for updates.

Spelling – List 26

Numeracy – keep practising the +/- cards sent home in previous weeks. No new ones will be added this week.

Topic – Fairyland continues. On Thursday (23rd) P1 and P2 will be participating in ‘Fairyland’ walks in nearby woods. A letter will be sent home about this. Children need to wear clothing suitable for outdoors.

Monday 20th– Gymnastics

Friday 24thRed Nose Day ‘Wear Something Red’. Noses for sale in school this week £1.


Miss Brunt


P2 Spelling – error!

Apologies but I posted the wrong list for this week.

It should be List 25 ‘ou’ as in round and pound. A new 6 week sheet will be sent home today.


Miss Brunt

P2 Homework W/B 13.3.17

Homework this week:

Reading – continues as normal. Children have also been enjoying reading books they have chosen in class and some pupils have even taken charge of the class library; organising this into sections and making signs/labels. Successful Learners and Responsible Citizens!

Spelling – A new 6 week spelling list will be sent out on Tuesday. This week, List 31 ‘nk’.

Numeracy and Maths On Wednesday, a new sheet to be cut into cards will be sent home, this time with +5/-5. In class we will be revising numbers to 100, fractions (halves/quarters) and also measure in length.

Topic– Fairyland continues…last week, we based our activities on Little Red Riding Hood. Children wrote descriptions of characters, sequenced the story, made stick puppets and this week, will look at simple co-ordinates in map planning. Children also had great fun drawing around Eddie to give them a template to paint for the giant!!

PE Gymnastics on Monday and PE on Thursday.

Thank you,

Miss Brunt



P2 News and Homework W/B 6.3.17


Last week P1 and P2 started in earnest to rebuild Fairyland for the sad dragon. The beanstalk was ‘re-grown’ and work started on building castles. Letters were written to the dragon and the story of Jack and the Beanstalk was sequenced.

Success brings smiles!

Look at the concentration! All pupils absorbed in what they’re doing and brilliant team work happening very naturally.

3D castles……simples! 

Next week, we’ll finish Jack and the Beanstalk ( Margaux, our French teacher will read this in French!).The children will decide which fairy tale to rebuild next…and of course, the dragon will have something to say about all of this!

**Date for your diary**

P1 and P2 hope to share some of their learning with you, the parents, on the afternoon of Thursday 30th March. Time TBC but will most likely be from 2pm onwards.

Reading for Book Week – the children really seemed to enjoy reading when the bell rang. It was great to see everyone reading for enjoyment.

Homework –

Spelling – List 24 – ‘ew’ This tends to be quite a tricky sound blend to learn because phonetically, it doesn’t make sense! I have fun with the kids saying this is a ‘stinky’ sound as it makes me go ‘ew’!

Reading – as normal. If your child finishes a book at home and grows tired of the story, please encourage him/her to read something else meantime.  Thanks.

Numeracy – Last week, we practised add 3/take 3.  Wording these sums in various ways is very helpful eg. 2+32 PLUS 3What is 2 MORE than 3?Add 3 to 2

Then 7-3 as 7 MINUS 3… 7 SUBTRACT 3… 7 TAKE AWAY 3… Take 3 from 7…What is 3 less than 7? …and so on.

On Wednesday this week, I’ll send home the next sheet to be cut up into cards ( +4 / -4)

Fractions – From now on, we’re going to have weekly Fraction Friday lessons ( in addition to Money Monday) to regularly practise the concept of fractions. We’re currently looking at halves and quarters.

**LIBRARY** is on Friday 10th March so children should start to return their books.

PE – Monday (gymnastics) and Thursday.

Thanks for your support,

Miss Brunt




P2 News in Pictures

Here are some pictures from recent weeks.

P2 News

 These two did a sterling job of reading the news at assembly!

Electricity –

Investigating how simple circuits work and testing conducting materials.

Fun with fractions – how many ways can we colour a flag in halves?



That’s better!

Learning French with Camembear and friend.

That’s all folks!