P2 Homework W/B 13.3.17

Homework this week:

Reading – continues as normal. Children have also been enjoying reading books they have chosen in class and some pupils have even taken charge of the class library; organising this into sections and making signs/labels. Successful Learners and Responsible Citizens!

Spelling – A new 6 week spelling list will be sent out on Tuesday. This week, List 31 ‘nk’.

Numeracy and Maths On Wednesday, a new sheet to be cut into cards will be sent home, this time with +5/-5. In class we will be revising numbers to 100, fractions (halves/quarters) and also measure in length.

Topic– Fairyland continues…last week, we based our activities on Little Red Riding Hood. Children wrote descriptions of characters, sequenced the story, made stick puppets and this week, will look at simple co-ordinates in map planning. Children also had great fun drawing around Eddie to give them a template to paint for the giant!!

PE Gymnastics on Monday and PE on Thursday.

Thank you,

Miss Brunt



P2 News and Homework W/B 6.3.17


Last week P1 and P2 started in earnest to rebuild Fairyland for the sad dragon. The beanstalk was ‘re-grown’ and work started on building castles. Letters were written to the dragon and the story of Jack and the Beanstalk was sequenced.

Success brings smiles!

Look at the concentration! All pupils absorbed in what they’re doing and brilliant team work happening very naturally.

3D castles……simples! 

Next week, we’ll finish Jack and the Beanstalk ( Margaux, our French teacher will read this in French!).The children will decide which fairy tale to rebuild next…and of course, the dragon will have something to say about all of this!

**Date for your diary**

P1 and P2 hope to share some of their learning with you, the parents, on the afternoon of Thursday 30th March. Time TBC but will most likely be from 2pm onwards.

Reading for Book Week – the children really seemed to enjoy reading when the bell rang. It was great to see everyone reading for enjoyment.

Homework –

Spelling – List 24 – ‘ew’ This tends to be quite a tricky sound blend to learn because phonetically, it doesn’t make sense! I have fun with the kids saying this is a ‘stinky’ sound as it makes me go ‘ew’!

Reading – as normal. If your child finishes a book at home and grows tired of the story, please encourage him/her to read something else meantime.  Thanks.

Numeracy – Last week, we practised add 3/take 3.  Wording these sums in various ways is very helpful eg. 2+32 PLUS 3What is 2 MORE than 3?Add 3 to 2

Then 7-3 as 7 MINUS 3… 7 SUBTRACT 3… 7 TAKE AWAY 3… Take 3 from 7…What is 3 less than 7? …and so on.

On Wednesday this week, I’ll send home the next sheet to be cut up into cards ( +4 / -4)

Fractions – From now on, we’re going to have weekly Fraction Friday lessons ( in addition to Money Monday) to regularly practise the concept of fractions. We’re currently looking at halves and quarters.

**LIBRARY** is on Friday 10th March so children should start to return their books.

PE – Monday (gymnastics) and Thursday.

Thanks for your support,

Miss Brunt




P2 News in Pictures

Here are some pictures from recent weeks.

P2 News

 These two did a sterling job of reading the news at assembly!

Electricity –

Investigating how simple circuits work and testing conducting materials.

Fun with fractions – how many ways can we colour a flag in halves?



That’s better!

Learning French with Camembear and friend.

That’s all folks!


P2 Homework W/B 27.2.17

Events this week:

  • World Book Day is on Thursday and to recognise this, we are asking children to bring in a book they enjoy reading to read at specific points each day. Don’t worry if you forget, we have plenty of great books in school!
  • The photographer is in school on Wednesday to take group/class photos (not individuals or family) so can pupils please wear school uniform.
  • Gymnastics continues on Monday so children will need their PE kit for this  ( and on Thursday please)

Homework –

Thanks to all who completed the ‘electricity’ comprehension task.

Reading –  continues as normal plus extra reading in class for World Book Week.

Spelling  – List 23 ‘ow’ as in grow, show

Numeracy – Add on/take away three sheet will be sent home on Wednesday.  Please cut these sums up to use as flash cards. Children really need to be fast at knowing these basic facts.

Topic‘Fairyland’  This is a story based topic which lends itself to many cross-curricular learning opportunities. Last week, children discovered a small dragon in their classroom and he brought with him a letter, explaining that Fairyland has been destroyed and that he needs P1/2 to rebuild it in our atrium. He also wants children to read and listen to more fairy tales to keep Fairyland alive. The children have named the dragon Stripy!

Can children bring in some ‘small’ junk to help us make things for Fairyland? Examples being small boxes ( cereal packets, tissue boxes etc), kitchen roll tubes ( not toilet tubes please)…thanks in advance!

Miss Brunt

P2 Homework W/B 20.2.17

Welcome back after the February break. Here’s looking forward to the next six weeks of term.

What’s new this term?

  • Gymnastics – P1 and P2 are going to get a block of gymnastics with a specialist every Monday now until Easter so children will need their PE kits every Monday ( and Thursday). Can pupils with long hair make sure they can have this tied back please.
  • French – every class will get a weekly half hour lesson with Margaux, a French language assistant. Children have met Margaux already when she told them a bit about herself and her home in France.
  • New topic – to be revealed later in the week. The electricity topic is finished and the feedback received from the children about this topic was very positive. I plan to share our PowerPoint ‘P2 News’ later on this week.

Homework –

Spelling – List 22 ‘y’ (known as ‘toughy y’ as it pushes ‘shy i’ out of the way)

Reading – continues as normal – check book bags for updates.

Numeracy – On Wednesday I will send home a sheet of ‘add/take 2’  sums to be cut into flashcards and used for ‘quick fire’ recall practice.

That’s all for now…

Thanks for your continued support,

Miss Brunt



P2 Homework W/B 6.2.17

Spelling – List 21 ‘igh’

Reading Non Fiction Text – On Tuesday, I will be sending home a ’round up’ reading comprehension task related to our topic Electricity – this will make a wee change from ORT books so please just finish any current books at leisure.

Numeracy – counting on 1, 2 and 3 forwards and backwards to practise adding and taking away 1, 2 and 3 from numbers to 20. Please just do this as mental maths eg. 5 + 1 =,       7 + 1 =,         12 + 1 =,  9 – 1 = , 14 – 1 =      20 – 1 =    / 4 + 2 =      8 + 2 =    13 + 2 =       17 + 2 =     15 – 2 =     19 – 2 = /  4 + 3 =            6 + 3 =      12 + 3 =    14 + 3 =    10 – 3 =   12 – 3 =    16 – 3 =   and so on……

  • Children should do this by counting on or back from the start number OR can use a number line up to 20.

Fractions – we are working on halves.

Topic – the final week of our electricity topic will see us testing which materials conduct electricity.

PE – Tuesday and Thursday

Library is on again this Friday for P2.

Show and Tell – is taking a break ( much to P2’s dismay!) – this will resume after the Easter holidays.

Finally – a reminder that the February break starts at the end of this week. Children should be picked up at 12:15pm as usual on Friday 10th and will resume class back on Monday 20th February. Enjoy!


Miss Brunt


P2 Homework and News W/B 30.1.17

Homework this week:

Spelling – List 20 ‘ea’ as in hear, sea . Well done to those who tried to make a wordsearch or a criss cross ( but please ensure you are using the designated spelling list!)

Reading – Ongoing – though we will have a focus on non-fiction books later in the week.

Maths – Well done to all those who tried Sumdog last week and to those who completed the time challenge. There is now a new challenge called ‘P2 Half and Quarter Challenge‘ for this week – 75 points to collect.

Numeracy – just for fun, try this game on TopMarks maths. It’s free and easy to use. Click on Learning Games , 5-7 years, addition and subtraction then choose the top game ‘Number Fact Families’. The children have played this already and were getting the hang of it. This game tries to improve  understanding of linked facts.



TopicElectricity continues and photos will follow in due course 🙂


Congratulations to these two wee stars for representing P2 in the Scots poetry recital assembly. Girls, you were amazing- showing lots of confidence and being able to recite a poem from memory? Wow! 🙂


P1-4 Ceilidh

Much fun was had at our wee celebration though time went so quickly! P1 and P2 danced the ‘Military Two Step’ and tried a circle dance. All four classes joined together for some snacks and then P1/2 sang some Scottish songs.

Parent Drop-in – pop in this Thursday, anytime  from 3:30 – 5pm to browse your child’s work and see their learning environment.

And finally….there’s now a link to a video of the Nativity on this website- click on Success Gallery on the school’s home page and follow the link from there. Enjoy!!

P2 Homework and Events W/B 23.1.17

Events this week:

Poetry Recital and Lower Atrium Scots Afternoon– To celebrate Burns Day on the 25th, all pupils have chosen a Scottish poem to read and recite. Children will be invited to recite/read their chosen poem to the class on Monday (23rd). Two children will then be chosen to recite/read their poem to the whole school on Wednesday morning, along with two children from each class.

In the afternoon of Wednesday (25th) our Lower Atrium (P1-4) will have a Scots afternoon, involving dancing, singing and of course, some snacks!  If your child has anything ‘Scottish’ to wear to this event, they are welcome to wear it. We realise this is short notice so we don’t want anyone going to any trouble to source anything for this – it’s not a prerequisite and we hope the children will simply enjoy the experience of an informal wee ceilidh.

Spelling – There is a new spelling list for the next 6 weeks coming home on Monday (though some children have other specified spelling home). So, it’s List 19 ‘ay’. Children can be reminded that this is a ‘long a’ sound; one of the long vowel sounds alongside ai and a-e. I will also send home a sheet with squared grids on so that children can practise their spelling using Criss Cross or make a Wordsearch for someone at home to solve! Children have tried this in class so should be familiar with this. It’s just another way to try to learn spellings. See examples below using ‘wh’ words.

Reading – will continue as normal.

Maths – Sumdog Challenge‘P2 Days, Months, Clocks’ continues our theme on time. 75 coins to collect – give it a go P2!

TopicElectricity continues. Last week, children were given the challenge of creating simple circuits and had actual ‘lightbulb’ moments!! I’m going to create a separate post about this next week with pictures, to show the process of discovery children experienced when asked to solve problems! Safe to say they loved this!

Miss Brunt