P1 Homework 05/12/2016

Sounds: This week we are learning ‘y, x and ch’. Please help your child to hear the sounds in words and to write them correctly.

Reading: They all have a new book and key words to accompany the book. Please add these to all their other words and keep revising them. When they are reading please encourage your child to have a go at sounding simple words out (not all words can be read like this). They will also be given sentences to read, match them in the book or to draw a picture about.

We are rehearsing the nativity every day at the moment, the dress rehearsal is on Friday morning – the children will perform in front of the whole school.

The main performance is on Monday 12th December, please remember that we can only allow 2 adults per family to attend.

On Tuesday 6th December we will be watching St. Margarets perform their nativity play (dress rehearsal).

On Wednesday 7th December we have the Hopscotch Theatre Company visiting us to do a performance for P1 -P4.


Spelling Homework P6 5.12.16

Monday 5.12.16

Please READ, COVER, WRITE, CHECK words twice.

Complete 1 activity from the sheet in your jotter.

Complete sheet  BLUE – ‘ch, th, or’

RED – 10b and 10c

Please complete for Monday 12th December

P2 Homework W/B 5.12.16

Homework this week:

Spelling – List 15 ‘magic e’  i-e

Reading – check markers for updates- will catch up on groups this week!

Events this week:

Wednesday – Hopscotch Theatre to visit school to perform a pantomime.

Friday – Nativity Dress Rehearsal in front of school.

– Return library books please


FYI…Talent Show – organised by the House Captains- Best two acts from each class go through to the final on Thursday 22nd December. If your child wants to enter, he/she should start practising now! Bring in own music if required. Audition date ( held in class) to be confirmed.


Miss Brunt


Home learning due 16.12.16

Sorry I forgot to collect in the homework on Friday. My mind was preoccupied with the Christmas Fair. I will take the jotters in on Monday. Homework will be a little different this week. Children will be given a Christmas activity booklet to work through. There will be various literacy,maths and design activities. Please work through this in any order. There will be no homework issued on the final week.

We will be doing various reading activities in class over the next three weeks looking at skills for reading and reading comprehension. However, with all the festive goings on I will not be sending home reading books with set homework. Please ensure your children are reading each night a book of their choice.

Dates to remember:

Wed 7th-Panto in the afternoon

Thursday 8th-Drumming workshop and class talent show heats.

Wednesday 14th-Christmas Luch


P7 News 28/11/16

This is an exciting week in P7 as they are presenting their work and being assessed for their ECO school design project.  The homework is minimal this week because I am still receiving recipes for our recipe book and also groups have delegated jobs for their Eco assessment to be done at home, this is an assessment carried out by Scottish Engineering Trust and I would like all pupils to have the same chance so I am having a homework free week.

We will be selling Recipe books and Recycled book Christmas ornaments at the Christmas fair on Friday and pupils would love for you to come and buy some of their hard work.  DONATIONS STILL WELCOME!

REVERSE ADVENT CALENDAR:  This year I am organising a reverse advent calander with P7 – instead of getting things from it, we will be putting items into it….we will be collecting for the local foodbank and more details will follow.


P4 Newsletter- Christmas Fair and Matilda the Movie (date change 8th December) .

Christmas Fair

Please remember that it is the Christmas Fair on Friday.

There will be no swimming on Friday 2nd of December to give us time to organise our stall.

Primary 4 are selling calendars and we look forward to seeing you there at the fair to buy them.

If anyone has any donations for the tombola, raffle, chocolate tombola or anything else we’d be happy to receive them!

Children can be collected at class at 12:00, however, the others must stay with me to help on the stall until 12:25 unless they are collected. If you wish your child to be collected my another parent can you send me a note to that effect in advance.

Don’t forget your pennies- Mrs Cooney needs a new headphone story centre for the classroom! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Swimming will resume as normal for the two weeks after this on the  9th and 16th of December.


Thursday 8th December- Matilda Movie Afternoon

We have been studying the novel Matilda in class and we are planning to watch the movie on Thursday 8th in the afternoon. We will be looking at the similarities and differences of plot and characterisation. I have said that the children can bring in a snack, savoury, sweet or fruit to share with the class, if you allow. This is instead of doing a similar thing in the last week, though we may still watch a movie, there will be no snacks.

Please remember! No fizzy juice and that we are a NUT FREE school- please ensure that all snacks are nut free. Malteasers and Haribo are always safe if you are in doubt!



Mrs Cooney






P4 Homework 29/11/16

Phew! We found the spelling jotters, admittedly in a strange place, but we did find them!


Spelling– Week 2) u-e and y (i)

Gorillas (y) sound like in day or pay

See jotters for instructions.

Pandas (u-e) sound

(magic e makes the vowel sound like it’s name e.g blu  blue   tub   tube)

Word Detective and Skimming and Scanning

Children should read a book, newspaper or magazine and spend about 20 mins looking for as many words as they can with the spelling pattern above. A minimum of 5 words should be found. Write them in your jotters.

Wolves (u-e) sound

(magic e makes the vowel sound like it’s name e.g blu  blue   tub   tube)

Word Detective and Skimming and Scanning

Children should read a book, newspaper or magazine and spend about 20 mins looking for as many words as they can with the spelling pattern above. A minimum of 5 words should be found. Write them in your jotters.

No spell well activity or sentences required this week .


Pink –  Pocket Money – See bookmark

Orange –  The Red Planet- See bookmark

Yellow- The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me by Roald Dahl- P1-18 – no written task.

Blue – Meeting Cezanne by Michael Morpugo p 7-11 or 9-13 ( the children know which is which) no written task

Green – Here Comes Trouble- p22-28 for Wednesday 30th and p28-36 for Thursday 1st

*NEW*   Numeracy- Keep going with your Learnits and I have begun a challenge this week on Sumdog. The children are very keen to participate in this but please remind them that it is for fun and not to feel bad if they aren’t able to spend as much time as others on the computer.

Learnits- The Rules…

The children are asked the question on the learnits card on several occasions and if they answer correctly,  within about two seconds, they can have a tick. Once they have ten ticks they can throw the learnit away. Once the envelope is empty they can have some new learnits. You can keep the envelope at home until it needs refilled.

Don’t feel you have to do all of them at once. A few at a time is sufficient.