P3 Homework week beginning 22.11.21

Hello everyone!

Christmas – Dates for your diary

Not to alarm anyone… but it is just over a month ’til C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S !!! Due to covid guidelines we, unfortunately, are still unable to have a Christmas show.  However, we will still be performing a festive song as a class which will be put together with the other year groups as a Merry Christmas from Loanhead. P3 have chosen to sing Wizzard’s ” I wish it could be Christmas everyday” . This will be recorded by Loanhead’s own tech ‘Wizzard’ Mrs Hinton around about the  1st and 2nd week of December. If you could encourage your child to practise the words at home I would really appreciate it.

I wish it could be Christmas everyday lyrics – YouTube

Carol Singing at the Horn

Loanhead PS  are going to be carol singing at the horn at the bottom of Clerk St in December. Each class will take it in turns to perform. We invite you to come and watch your little ones sing. It’s not quite the same as performances in school but it is a step in the right direction. We don’t have specific dates for this yet as we have to timetable it but I will let you when dates and times are confirmed.

Xmas Party – 

P3’s Christmas party will take place on the afternoon of the 15th of December. This will also be p3’s Christmas jumper day. I can’t wait to see your festive sweaters.

A quick reminder that we are finishing up on the 22nd of December this year. It has all come around so quick!

Loanhead Parish Church Gift Donations

Once again Loanhead are working with Loanhead Parish Church to bring Christmas present and a little bit more festive spirit to local families who may find this time of year financially challenging. I’m sure you will all agree that for many of us the past few years COVID has significantly impacted most families and everyone deserves a happy and magical festive season. Please see the flyer below for more information.

Loanhead Primary School will be one of the donation points for the church. Any donation of new gifts for children from birth to 15 are hugely appreciated and should be dropped off by the 10th of December. 

Please do not feel pressured to contribute, give what you can afford. Remember even the smallest of things could make a child’s Christmas.


In class we use a behaviour management strategy called blurt beans. The children fill the jar with pebbles for excellent listening and kind words and at various milestones they earn a reward. You will remember recently we had our PJ day relating to this.

P3 have now achieved their next target which allows them a week’s homework pass. This means there is no reading or spelling homework this week. Reading and spelling will carry on in school as normal.  I  do still implore you to encourage your children to read for enjoyment this week. Whether it is books, magazines, comics, recipe books even just subtitles on the TV. Literacy and reading opportunities are everywhere.

That is all for this week.

As always feel free to contact if you have any questions or queries at:


Have a fabulous week,

Miss Ramsay

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