✏️ Primary 1 news and information w/b 13th September 📝

Hello lovely P1 families,

It was lovely to see some of you (virtually) for the curriculum evening. I am missing being in class with Team P1 but I know they will be doing some amazing work with Mrs Caldwell and Mrs Faulkner. I hope to see them all by the end of the week.

📝 Remember: morning and afternoon snack (discuss this with your child so they know what they are), water bottles with water only – no juice for class time, please label your child’s clothing.


The sounds we have learned so far are “s” “a” and “t”.  Pupils should know the action, the sound and a song and should be able to attempt to write the letter which makes that sound.  Examples of what we might use to inhance our teaching or home learning include:

Mr Thorne does Phonics 

Jolly Phonics songs and action


We are continuing to know our key words (below).  It is essential that these words are known at sight.  As one stage is completed then we begin work on the next one in order to develop our reading.

We are continuing to look at The Zones of Regulation and strategies to get back to Green Zone.  We are doing this through discussion, circle time and stories.

🧮 Numeracy

We are consolidating numbers 1-10 and then towards 15.  Looking at using 10 frames to spot a number at sight as well as counting and ordering from smallest or biggest.  We are also investigating a mounts that make up n numbers and building our mathematical vocabulary.


When counting, we are encouraging to start at a number that is not 0. e.g. can you could from 3 to 8?


Primary 1 have been using SeeSaw as a form of sharing their learning journey with parents.  This has been extremely successful in  the past and was also really user friendly for infants (and parents) during school closure.

I need to have a parent permission letter returned ASAP and then I can issue the class with log in information 🙂  I have some fab photos to share already.

seesaw policy

SeeSaw parent letter


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