P3 Homework w/b 13.9.21

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. We are fully back into the swing of things in p3. Lots of tired boys and girls but as always they are working hard and trying their best. Definitely looking forward to the September weekend I think!

No real reminders this week other than to please remind you of the below post regarding toys in school.


  • Due to COVID guidance can we please be ensuring children do not bring toys to school. It also helps to ensure children are concentrating and listening when they should be.  If other arrangements have been made with me , for example fidgets, these can continue to come to school.



Bertha’s Secret Battle

Monday -Chapter One

Tuesday- Chapter Two

Wednesday- Chapter Three


ICT task: Ask the children to design and print tickets to the Grand Wrestling Competition, and include the names
of the stars, the date and time, seat numbers and price. Encourage them to experiment with different
sizes and styles of fonts for the best effects, and to try out different layouts to see what looks best.


• Ask the children to begin with a careful drawing showing what the person looked like and giving
her stage name, i.e. ‘Fairplay Fiona’ or ‘Big Bertha the Bone Cruncher’.
• Then ask them to write some phrases and sentences (slogans) that say why the person should
be supported, e.g. ‘She’s the meanest, but she’s the keenest!’; ‘Her hair’s fair, she plays fair’.


The Litter Queen

Monday -p1-7

Tuesday- p8 – 16

Wednesday- p16 – 24

Thursday- p24 – 32


Save Floppy!

Monday – p1 – 7

Tuesday- p8 – 16

Wednesday- p16 – 24

Thursday- p24 – 32


Robin Hood

Monday – p1-7

Tuesday- p8 – 16

Wednesday- p16 – 24

Thursday- p24 – 32


Noah’s Ark Adventure

Monday – p1 – 6

Tuesday- p6 – 12

Wednesday- p13 – 16

Thursday- p17 – 24



Spelling is as it was last week using the attached spelling menu.

As well as spelling I will get everyone’s Sumdog password stuck into their jotters this week so children can play some education maths games at home if they wish.

Have a fab week everyone!

Miss Ramsay

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