🏠P6 Home Learning in Lockdown Info – W/B Mon 11th January 2021

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year! I hope everyone is safe, rested and well. Thank you so much for the lovely gifts I received before Christmas.

As you are all aware, children will be home schooled until further notice. This can be incredibly stressful and difficult to manage; I am well aware of the challenges this presents to parents and pupils alike and so, aim to provide a good balance of activities which will revise recent P6 work and offer a little progression too. I hope my activities are straightforward to complete, bearing in mind many of you may have to share devices.

What Will Home Learning Look Like?

Home learning will be provided via Google Classroom or a Home Learning Pack of worksheets and activities.

Google Classroom  💻

There will be 3 – 4 tasks per day.

  • Numeracy/Maths
  • Literacy
  • Health & Well Being
  • Other ( this could be Topic, French or Art for example).

I will post tasks daily and these will be available from 08:50. I will be checking in at regular intervals to give feedback on assignments handed in.

I have prepared a Slideshow in Google Classroom with more information on it which can be viewed from 08:50 on Monday 11th January. Included in this is a rough guide as to the weekly timetable to expect. 

💬I will turn the ‘Chat’ function back on in the Stream. Children can  put questions on here or send as private comments on an individual assignment.

Home Learning Pack 📝

Please let me know ASAP if you would prefer a Home Learning Pack instead of using Google Classroom. However, I am going to wait and see who would like this before I assemble any packs but the plan is that these packs will be available to collect from the School Office;  if you request one, I will notify you about when your pack is ready.


This is a very difficult time for all of us but I am here to help and support you through this Home Learning period. Easy to say but try not to worry about it; problems can quickly be turned into solutions so please do let me know straightaway if there are any issues.

If you have any queries, please contact me through my work email:


Kind regards, stay safe,

Miss Brunt




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