p1 Homework 16/3/20

**A letter was given to all children on Friday to remind all that if your child presents a new persistent cough and/or fever then they should remain home for at least 7 daysIt is extremely important that these guidelines are followed as it will help to reduce the spread of germs/illness. In addition to this the children have had an increase in hand washing, we are washing our hands when we arrive, before and after break/lunch and then once again before we leave. If the school soap is leaving your child’s hands irritated, could you please send in a clearly labelled bottle of hand soap for them to use.Please ensure your child also come to school with their own water bottle as we will not be providing spare cups or water bottles in class. Thank you.**

We are really focusing on promoting good hygiene in class and limiting the spread of germs as far as possible. We will be focusing a huge amount on the importance of hand washing. The children will also not be playing with play dough, water, sand etc. to try and reduce germs from spreading. For the same reason I unfortunately will be putting a pause on Tartan Tommy’s home visits for the weekend. I know the children will be upset by this but I will be discussing an alternative reward for the children’s hard work and good behaviour.

Wednesday is ‘Beep Beep Day’ and Mrs Sharp and the JRSO’s have planned some fun activities for the lower years to take part in! Children can wear bright clothing on this day (for example, a bright orange top or a hi-vis vest/jacket) and can bring in a donation for the charity BRAKE. Apologies for posting the wrong date last week.


This week we are revising all of our initial ‘l’ , ‘r’ and ‘s’ blends of the past few weeks.

Continual work on the home literacy wall is also encouraged.


Chips- The Storm

Mon- p1-8

Tues -p9-16

Wed – Whole Book


Biffs- Strawberry Jam

Mon- p1-8


Wed-Whole Book

Thurs- Activity (Picture and Word match)

Kippers – What a bad dog!

Mon- p1-4

Tues- p5-8

Wed-Whole Book

Thurs-Activity (Colour and sequence cards)

Floppy’s – Spiral Starters- My New School

Mon- p1-4

Tues- p5-8

Wed-Whole Book

Thurs-Activity (Word search)

All the Best,

Miss Ramsay

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