Primary 5 news and information week beginning 2nd March


Pupils  have daily reading homework which should be part read aloud for most children and discussed with parents.  All groups also have spelling words and are required to write each word 3 times and then write them in sentences/story/funny paragraph/letter – to show they understand the word in context.

Pupils also have Week 2 of their Alien literacy homework due for Friday, each child has a copy of the 6 week homework block but you can also Click here for more info .  This can be done in  jotters, on a computer and emailed to or pupils can share with me on GLOW -Pupils all have passwords to access this at home. The standard of week 1 homework was out of this world! 🙂

MATHS – Pupils all  have goals in numeracy – they will have specific learn its or times tables to learn and are required to practise these at home regularly.  Try also counting up in 6’s, 7’s and 8’s starting from random numbers e.g. 17 and see how fast they can do it forwards and backwards.

Pupil Presentations – some of the class did their homework and provided a “Big Question” for their presentations.  They had first choice of dates.  All pupils have been given a date – see below


WORLD BOOK DAY IS THURSDAY – Pupils will not be dressing up but are required to bring in a model of their favourite character/setting/book – see the other post about this.

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