P7 Info W/B 17th February 2020

Hi all,

Welcome back. Last week’s weather wasn’t the best but hopefully P7 managed to have a lovely, relaxing week off. This next part of term is about 7 weeks long and as usual, there’s lots to achieve!

What’s new?

This week is designated ‘Health Week’ at Loanhead with a particular focus on mental well- being and learning more about the dangers of substance misuse.

Looking ahead to this term, we have lots of science and computational thinking activities coming up. Science will look at energy and conservation of water; computational thinking will take a look at simple coding, binary, decomposition, algorithms and so on. We’ll have visits from our ICT support staff to hook us up to start using Chromebooks and give children log ins to Glow.

We also have a block of rugby with Bradley on Thursday afternoons so Monday PE sessions will cease for now. We’ll do drama instead.

Reading will focus on comprehension skills – strategies needed to rigorously interpret texts, both fiction and non-fiction.

House keeping:

  • All children should have indoor shoes
  • All children should have a full PE kit to change into.
  • All children should be washing their hands before eating – can you remind your child please.

Schedule for the week: HEALTH WEEK




PE – please bring a full kit to change into.


PE – please bring a full kit to change into.

Maths/Numeracy sheet home – I have forgotten the last few weeks- huge apologies!


Rugby – bring PE clothes to be able to play rugby outside in the MUGA.


Learning Trios Parents Meetings – the report sheets/notes will be sent home.

That’s all for now!

Thank you,

Miss S Brunt














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