P2 Homework w.b. 7.1.20

Welcome back!!

I hope you all had a lovely winter break and a very happy new year. It was so lovely to see all the pupils again today and hear all of their wonderful Christmas news 🙂

P2 are going to be getting a few sessions of rugby from Bradley on Thursday afternoons, starting this week, from 1:45 – 2:30. Please ensure your child has a full P.E. kit for this.

Homework will be given out tomorrow (Wednesday 8th) and it will consist of reading and spelling homework. In addition to this, I have put two Scots’ poems into book bags and children have to choose one to learn for the Burns competition on the week beginning 20.1.20. 

Reading: Pages to be read have been written into your child’s green reading record. Please sign beside each night when homework has been completed.

Spelling: This week we will start learning all about magic ‘e’ (my favourite!!!) and this week it is a with magic ‘e’. Magic ‘e’ in words is silent and it turns the vowel into its long vowel sound. For example, mad – made, car – care, cap – cape. Therefore, this weeks spelling list contains magic ‘e’ with a words.

Thank you,

Miss Lauren Waller (L.Waller@mgfl.net)



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