P2 Homework w.b. 25.3.19

We have a busy week planned this week!

The P1 and P2 class are going to be very busy getting themselves prepared for the assembly at the end of the week! There was a letter that went out on Thursday about this, apologises that those with speaking parts have not had their lines yet, these will be handed to them on Monday. If you have costumes for your child/any other items of clothing that would be suitable for the other characters, could you please hand them in from Monday onwards. This way Miss Maley and I have enough time to see what else we need to buy. The children will be performing their assembly to the parents on MONDAY 1st APRIL at 9:30am and you are allowed a maximum of 2 guests per child. 

The children are continuing with their rugby sessions on Monday afternoon and on Wednesday we are spending the afternoon with the nursery doing some gardening.

Homework for this week:

Reading: Check your child’s green reading record for the pages. Please sign or tick your child’s reading record to indicate that the homework has been done!

Spelling: We are learning the ‘ow’ sound which is found in words like snow, glow, pillow. This weeks list will contain words with this sound.

Literacy: The past couple of weeks we have been revisiting capital letters and full stops as I have noticed we need a bit more practise with this. This week I will be sending home a ‘fix the sentence’ worksheet. It will contain sentences that might be jumbled up as well as having no capital letters and full stops and the children have to fix the mistakes. This will be due back the following Monday.

Thank you,

Miss Lauren Waller



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