P2 Homework w.b 4.2.19

Hi all,

Parents evening is this week, Wednesday 6th (5:30-8:30) and Thursday 7th (3:30-5:30). Please return your slip if you have not already, they were put into children’s bookbags. If you are unable to make the appointment, then please let the school office know and they can sort something for you.

Homework for this week:

Reading: All of the reading groups have moved up a stage, so the books may be a little more challenging, to begin with, but they are all ready for the move up. Please check your child’s green reading record for the pages they have to read that night.

Spelling: This week we are learning the ‘wh’ sound, for example, whisper and whale. The spelling list this week contains words with this sound and tricky words.

After the holidays, I will alternate each week between numeracy, phonics and writing homework. For example, one week will be a writing task and the next week will be a phonics task etc. With this extra task, the children will have until the following Monday to complete it.

Just a reminder that we break up for the holidays this Friday 8th February at the normal time, 12:25pm.

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday and Thursday evening,

Miss Lauren Waller


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