P6 Homework and News W/B 21st January 2019

Hi all,

Homework this week:

Spelling – There’s a new spelling list this week plus revision of to, too and two.

Poetry– Everyone has been given a Burns or Scottish poem to learn to recite. Well done to all those pupils who have recited so far. There are still a few to be heard this week.

Pupil Talk – Many children have shown great enthusiasm for this task already so we really look forward to hearing and watching the finished presentations in the final week.

All children have access to computers throughout the week to continue their research.

Ski-ing – Starts on Wednesday. Children should bring their ski-ing gear with them to change into at school before we leave on the bus (after break).

PETuesday and Thursday – I’ve noticed there’s an increasing number of children who do not bring a full or even partial PE kit with them. I’m going to discuss with P6 the importance of having a fresh change of clothes for PE, especially as they are maturing!

On a similar note, there are many children who do not have (or say they do not have!) indoor shoes. I have suggested that even a pair of slippers would count as indoor shoes if that would encourage them to bring in a change of footwear.


Thank you,

Sara Brunt







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