19/11/18 – P1 homework

Good evening. I would like to apologise for the lack of a post last week, I had issues with the website however I have managed to fix the issue now.

Homework for this week:

Reading: Please see the blue reading record book and continue to help your child learn the words and sounds in their word box. It is really important that the children learn these words so that they can begin to feel that they are successfully reading their book and can progress onto the next stage of reading books.

Phonics: We are currently learning digraphs in phonics. These are where 2 letters make one sound, for example ‘oa’ makes the ‘o’ letter sound heard in boat, goat and float.

Please help your child complete the following sheets in their red phonics book:

Monday – ie – ‘i’ letter sound heard in pie and lie

Tuesday – ee- the ‘e’ letter sound heard in see, bee, sheep

Wednesday – or

Nativity: A nativity newsletter has been sent out to let you know the casting for this years nativity. If your child has a speaking part please encourage them to practice their part and help them to learn their lines.

If you have any props or outfits that may be suitable for this years theme – Christmas around the World we would really appreciate borrowing them for the show.

In particular we are looking for outfits or props for the following characters : Spanish, Hawaiian, Indian, American, Chinese and African

Thank you

Miss Maley and Mrs Cumming



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