Primary 3 Homework – 12th to 18th June

Primary 3 Homework – 12th to 18th June

Health Week is in full swing now, with the children getting to have a go at judo, rugby, hockey, dancing and basketball.

We are also building up to our second P3 assembly of the year, which will take place on Friday 22nd June. If you are free on the day then please do come along and watch at 11:45am.

I have set a little less homework this week because I expect everyone will be tired out by all the extra exercise!

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan



This week we are looking at division.

To revise the basic concept, see if you can spot things at home that divide into equal groups / shares.

For example, if there are twelve apples a bag then how many would three of us each get?

I have also set a SumDog challenge on division / multiplication for those who are enjoying that sort of practice.



Reading grids will come home as usual, along with unfinished quizzes on Thursday.

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