Primary 3 Homework – 6th to 12th June

Primary 3 Homework – 6th to 12th June

It has been great seeing everyone at parents’ meetings or the campus anniversary yesterday.

In the last few weeks of term we are going to look again at data handling and division. We are also trying revising French numbers up to 30.

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan




Please practise the French words for the numbers up to 20.

  1. un (uhn)                     11. onze (ohnz)
  2. deux (duh)                 12. douze (dooz)
  3. trois (twah)                13. trieze (trehz)
  4. quatre (catr)              14. quatorze (cat-tohrz)
  5. cinq (sank)                 15. quinze (canz)
  6. six (sees)                     16. seize (sayz)
  7. sept (set)                     17. dix-sept (dees set)
  8. huit (hweet)               18. dix-huit (dees hweet)
  9. neuf (nuhf)                 19. dix-neuf (dees nuhf)
  10. dix (dees)                    20. vingt (van)

If online games would help, here are a couple of links:



Reading grids will come home as usual, along with unfinished quizzes on Thursday.



This week we have been practising words where the letter o makes the u sound. I have also put in some words we have been finding difficult.

mother            son

Monday           other

stopped           weigh

train                picture

Please could everyone look, say cover, write and check (twice through the list) and then write sentences using as many of the words as possible.

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