P3 Homework from 22nd May

Primary 3 Homework – 22nd May to 28th May

Now that the pupils have built up their Powerpoint skills they are making presentations about a subject of their own choice. This has involved learning about online image searches. Within school we have a secure filter system to prevent inappropriate results from showing up. If the children are searching at home, however, you may need to keep an eye on this activity. Online safety is something we talk abut as a class, but I thought it would be worth flagging this up to parents also.

The Parent Council are very grateful for all the prizes that have come in so far. Thank you very much!

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan



To finish our work on measure we are looking at volume (this week) and area (next week).

At home, can you find, draw and label:

            Something that has a volume less than 500ml

            Something that has a volume between 500ml and 1l.

            Something that has a volume of 1l or more.

Use a kitchen jug to practise measuring out:





Reading grids will come home as usual, along with unfinished quizzes on Thursday.

Anyone in the Owls or Eagles reading groups, please note that there are more pages than usual to read for Thursday 24th.



Here are some words that lots of us have been finding tricky.

train                sister

might               shovel

meet                sick

meat                gun

Please could everyone look, say cover, write and check (twice through the list) and then write sentences using as many of the words as possible.

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