P4 Homework 28-11-17

Spelling (Whole Class)

Ow and Ou worksheet

Days of the Week worksheet



Complete worksheets

They should complete their October/November spelling challenge for the days of the week and grid  earn 5 points.


Some children have a particular system that they are following and the pattern of this should not should not change.

See Reading Records:

On Tuesday, Thursday for J.K Rowling

On Tuesday, Thursday for and Julia Donaldson

On MondayWednesday, Thursday for Roald Dahl and Jeff Kinney

Enid Blyton- Given on Tuesdays

How a hot air balloon works comprehension sheet.

David Walliams- Given on Tuesdays

Chapter 9 for Tuesday 5th December. Worksheet to be give out tomorrow (Wednesday 29th Nov)

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