P1 Homework week beginning 27/11/17

Phonics: We begin the next block of sounds this week (see below)

27/11/17 w Reading + words
28/11/17 ng Reading + words
29/11/17 v Reading + words
30/11/17 Reading + words
4/12/17 oo Reading + words
5/12/17 x Reading + words
6/12/17 y Reading + words
7/12/17 Reading + words


Numeracy:  We have been learning about the written word that goes with each number. I will be sending home some numeracy homework related to this.

Nativity: Monday 11th December: 2:00pm.

We will be rehearsing the nativity every day now as we head towards the performance – it is all beginning to come together. Please help your child with their lines if they have a speaking part.

Christmas Fair: This Friday at  12:30pm.  Please keep sending in the donations, they are really appreciated. If anyone can spare some time to help out at all please let us know.  School finishes at the usual time, please then stay and join us at the Christmas Fair.

Lisa Cumming

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