P3 homework Monday 9th OCtober

Primary 3 Homework – Week Beginning 9th October

I’m not in class this week because Baby Buchan has decided to put in an early appearance. Apologies!

There is slightly less homework in this final week before the October break. I hope you all have a good rest.

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan




On Mondays with Mrs Wallace the children have been learning about time and clocks. Please look for opportunities to reinforce this at home by:

  • discussing what the time is and when different things are going to take place
  • asking the children to practise reading the time from analogue clocks
  • discussing and measuring how many minutes and seconds it takes to do different things




The children will finish their class reading books in school on Thursday so there will not be any set reading coming home.

Having said that, please do encourage the children to keep on reading every day. If you are able to hear them out loud as well, that is enormously valuable.


We have begun to learn how to look up words in the dictionary. If you have a dictionary at home, try writing down three unusual words and challenging the children to find them. As all dictionaries are slightly different, you will need to choose some good words that are in yours.

If you do not have a dictionary at home (in this digital age) there are class ones that you would be welcome to borrow.

Please be aware that the children may need support with this. Alphabetical searching is tricky, but mastering this skill will pay off in a number of ways across different areas of learning.



Spelling words to practice this week are:

shop                 dish

fish                  shut

rush                 like

are                   time

for                   her

Please could everyone do the usual look, say cover, write and check (twice through the list) and then write three sentences using as many of the words as possible.

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