P3 Homework for Week Beginning 2nd October

Primary 3 Homework – Week Beginning 2nd October

Well done Primary 3! On Friday the children earned a fruit party as their first whole class reward. This was for working hard and being a good team. We count down at the end of every great day – which is most days in P3, but not all!

Having finished our science topic on the human body we are looking at some issues in health and wellbeing. In particular, we are learning how to keep ourselves safe around medicines, and how we can handle difficult situations in school, like when friends fall out with one another.

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan



On Friday almost all the children managed to beat their previous scores in the Learnit challenge, so well done for practising at home. Please keep it up!

We are also carrying on with subtraction this week. Some great games to play online would be:


(Same as last week – a slightly easier game to start with.)


(Choose between level 1 or level 2 – good for testing speed.)


(Same as last week. Play up to 100 for more of a challenge.)



Pages to be read from class reading books will be written down in the grids as usual. Hearing pages out loud is so, so helpful in developing fluency. Where a word is tricky, please help the children to take their time and sound it out. Some words don’t sound out of course, so you may need to help with these ones.



Along with words that use our new spelling sound (‘or’) I have put down some words that we have been misspelling a lot in class. These are common words and worth practising.

As well as the usual look, say, cover, write and check technique of practice for the whole list (twice), please could we write two or three sentences which use up all of the common words.


fork                  sport

horse               corn

storm               have

blood               true

germ               daughter

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