P3 Homework for Week Beginning 25th September

Primary 3 Homework – Week Beginning 25th September

We will soon complete our topic on the human body. Having investigated how our organs and senses work, we will finish by thinking about how our bodies protect themselves (e.g. sweat, reflexes and ear wax!), and how we can look after them too.

On Friday we will have our first visit to the school library. Hopefully everyone will find something they’re interested in, so watch out for books coming home!

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan



Please keep practising the Learnits. Each Friday there is a ‘Beat That’ challenge, where pupils try to improve on their scores from the previous weeks against the clock.

We will also be focussing on subtraction, learning to do this faster and with bigger numbers. Keeping on playing the + / –  games will really help with this. In class we are extending from  +1 / -1  and  +2 / -2, playing more with  +3 / -3  and  +10 / -10.

Some helpful online games would be:




The first two use numbers up to 20. The third one can go up to 100 and is quite a bit trickier if you fancy a challenge!



Pages to be read from class reading books will be written down in the grids as usual. Some children will also have quizzes based on this week’s books. If time is short, though, please prioritise the reading. Hearing pages out loud is so, so helpful in developing fluency.



Each week our spelling words come from the next sound we are practising (in this case ‘ar’) and also from a list of the 100 most common words in English.

For this week we have:

star                  park

far                   scarf

bark                 far

have                like

because           into

Well done with the wordsearches last week!

As well as the usual look, say, cover, write and check (twice for each word) please write three or four sentences that use up all this week’s words.

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