P7 news week beginning 5.6.17

Health week – there is no homework this week due to transition days.  I have advised pupils to try to be as active as possible and spend time outdoors, making healthy food and doing their posture exercises daily (ask them all about it!).

There is a trip to Sky Studios  on 20/6/17. There is a payment of £5.50 and a packed lunch and school dress is required. The letter will be available in lass but can be printed here SKY STUDIOS LETTER-

Please note that there is another advertiser photograph arranged for next Monday so please wear hoodies.

P6 Homework 6/6/17


Spelling homework for Monday 12/6/17.Please complete two spelling activities.


All pupils have reading homework for Thursday 8/6/17


All pupils have a maths worksheet (Rounding) for Friday 9/6/17