P4 Homework 9/5/17

Homework 09/05/17



Due to spelling assessments taking place in class during Spelling teaching time, there will not be spelling homework this week. It will resume again next week. 


Reading Homework

The Yellow  group- Read Chapter 8 for homework and review the book in 50 words. Use evaluation questions to help generate ideas. I.e. what was your favourite part of the book, who would you recommend it to and why? If you could change one bit what would it be?

Blue Group- News Reports week 1- We have discussed a news report in class. Read again at home and answer the questions on the worksheet you have been given. 

Pink – See bookmark

Orange – See bookmark

Green –  See bookmark- Tj remember your instructions are in your yellow jotter.

*NEW*   Numeracy- Keep going with your Learnits. If there are any people who need new learnits can you write a note and let me know.

Learnits- The Rules…

The children are asked the question on the learnits card on several occasions and if they answer correctly,  within about two seconds, they can have a tick. Once they have ten ticks they can throw the learnit away. Once the envelope is empty they can have some new learnits. You can keep the envelope at home until it needs refilled.

Don’t feel you have to do all of them at once. A few at a time is sufficient.

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