P1 Homework 24/04/17

Phonics:This week we are revisiting the ‘ie’ sound and the ‘oa’ sound. We will look at the other ways of making this sound although these will not be a focus.

Reading: Reading will be sent home as usual – please check their reading bags. There will be words linked to their reading to learn and also common words that the children need to learn to read and write to help them with their reading and writing. Please help them with this as we will use these words for dictation in class.

Numeracy: We are continuing to learn about addition and subtraction – ‘addition being more’ and ‘subtraction being less’. We are also learning ‘skip’ counting. Counting in 10s (to 100) and 2s (to 20 or more if able to)

In May we will have the final two sessions of gymnastics which the children have really enjoyed.

Thank you,

Mrs Cumming


P2 Homework W/B 24.4.17

Homework this week:

Reading– please check homework bags daily for updates. Some children will get new reading issued on Mondays and some on Tuesdays. I will send home a wee note indicating which days  your child will read in class.

I have also asked children to bring in something that they like to read for pleasure as we will begin to have 15-20 mins per day on individual and personal reading.

Spelling – List 28 ‘oy’  unless otherwise indicated)

Numeracy – SUMDOG challenge. P2 Two Times Table challenge. We have begun to explore the 2x table which links in very much with previous numeracy: counting in 2s, doubles, even numbers . We are learning that multiplication is just a quick way to add the same number many times. At this point, we’re keeping it simple so 2×5 means ‘2 lots of 5’ or ‘2 groups of 5’  or 5 + 5  or ‘two fives’. We are not really looking at 5 x 2 or trying to make the connection that 2×5 is the same as 5×2 just yet.  So, 2 x1, 2×2, 2×3, 2×4 and so on. Pupils will be able to access this challenge in school as I realise that not everyone can access this at home.

PE – We’ll resume our Tuesday and Thursday slots for the next two weeks until we get our last two gymnastic sessions in May.

Thank you,

Miss S Brunt