P7 homework and news

24/10/16 – Pupils have been given a common misspelled words worksheet to complete using the hints or a dictionary/dictionary app.

Maths – 7+8 times tables with division facts, speed recall of division within 100 – mental work, 5 mins per day.

20 Minutes reading for enjoyment per day.

Pupils are also working on a power point/poster on a specific aspect of The Home Front for our WW2 project.  If groups have not been 100% on task then this may also be part homework this week.

BAKE SALE – we are having a bake sale on Thurs 27th to raise money for our visiting WW2 museum next week – all donations of baking and sweet treats (no nuts) are gratefully received on Thursday – good chance to discuss and recap weight and volume 🙂 

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