P4 Homework 11-10-16

P4 Homework 11/10/16

Spelling– Week 2) ch and igh

Gorillas (igh) sound

Pandas (ch) sound

Wolves (ch) sound

All Groups:

Words in jotters

Write words three times and repeat them, noticing the tricky words and how they sound different.

Ask the children about the new strategy of skimming and scanning that they have been learning in reading- being word detectives. Ask them to skim a book or magazine to find words with their spelling sounds. Write three of the words you find in your jotter.

Complete one Spell Well activity- if these are lost please send in a note or a message with your child for a new one.

Some children have lost their homework jotters and have their spelling on paper Please have a look at home and see if you can find it. 


Pink – P8-16 for Wednesday and 16-end for Thursday.

Orange – See new books and bookmark daily. P24-end for Wednesday and New Book “Robin Hood” P1-8 for Thursday.

Yellow- Chapter 5 to be completed for Tuesday 11th October

Blue Chapter 5 to be completed for Tuesday 11th October

Green P24-30  for Wednesday 12th, P30-34 for Thursday 13th and P34-38 for Friday 14th

Some weeks there will be additional work required such as worksheets or activities and some weeks, like this one, only reading will be required.

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