Welcome back P4 and Homework 12.04.16

P4 were happy to be back yesterday and were telling all their holiday stories. Well done to those who had a go on Sumdog over the holidays! Though it is hard when you are so busy.

Homework 12th April 2016


Reading– All children have new books.

Red/ Orange Group- Chapter 2 “Not very clever” of FLANS ACROSS THE RIVER

Blue Group- Chapter 2 “Into the bush” of AKIMBO AND THE BABOONS

Purple Group- Chapter 2 “Milking Time” of AKIMBO AND THE SNAKES

Yellow Group- Chapter 2 of DOUBLE ACT

Green Group- Chapter 2 of ARISTOTLE

Pink- See reading diaries


See spelling jotters for new word lists:

  1. Complete a Spell Well Activity ¬†2. Write a silly story with the words and if there are any you still don’t know the meaning of check with a dictionary.


In a few weeks we are going to be performing in our Assembly about the Vikings. The children are keen to dress up as vikings for this and will be coming home with some costume ideas. Over this week we will be looking at images of vikings and thinking about the kinds of things we could wear. I will send a list home of suggested items we may need but if you have any ideas in the meantime please feel free to decide for yourselves.

Some of the children are also keen to make axes and helmets- we will have time to do this in class but if anyone wishes to take this project on at home feel free. The deadline is Friday 22nd April!

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