P4 Homework 9/2/15

Homework 9/2/16


Please continue with your learnits at home.

This term we are focusing on the 4 x table, if you could practise this new table as well as the 3x table that would be much appreciated. Remember that the children should know the answers as fast as the learn-its.

If there are any children who need their learnits updated please let me know.

Sum Dog

I have created a new challenge on Sumdog- this one is to try and get 600 correct questions in a week. If you don’t have time to access the games every day don’t worry. Do as many as you can.


Can you think of four more words to fit your spelling rule? Write a sentence with a connective or for each word you think of.


Red Group. Blackbones saves the school P8-13 for Thursday and complete comprehension sheet if not completed in class.

Pink- See reading diaries.

Blue and Yellow – Comprehension Sheet

Orange Group –New Book Mr Stofflees and the painted Tiger- Chapter 2 plus worksheet

Green Group- The personality potion  Chapter 4

Purple Group- The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me- Pages 40-41 for homework

Please keep learning the Moli Hua song and don’t forget to bring anything about Vikings that you have.


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